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Jewish Colorado Community Directory


Jewish Colorado Charity - Tzedakah
Would you like to be listed: Get Listed - Get Found
Please email us to up-date your information

Adoption - JEWISH CHILDREN'S ADOPTION NETWORK (JCAN) -- PO Box 16544, Denver, CO 80216-0544; (303) 573-8113; FAX (303) 893-1447; E-mail,;  National Jewish adoption network and resource; Steve and Vicki Krausz - Please Give -  Most of these children have special needs. 
[Fund Raisers: Jewish Fabric]
American Red Magen David for Israel:
Denver Friends of ARMDI   -- George Blau, chair -- 1656 Zenobia St., Denver, CO 80204 1-303-571-4388 or
-- Michele Ritter (303) 786-9717
[Donate Now and save lives in Israel] web site:
BICKUR CHOLIM OF DENVER Society to visit and support the sick; Leah Mehler, (303) 333-1017 or Agi Fried, (303) 321-0413. Bikur Cholim of Denver is a nonprofit organization of whose sole purpose is to offer assistance to Jews with illnesses. Bikur Cholim, which translated means visiting the sick, is funded strictly on donations and is staffed by volunteers. There are no administrative costs and there is no charge to any individual for services provided by the organization. Bikur Cholim  is available to Jews of all religious orientations.


...home or hospital visits to the patient for his/her family

Kosher Food

...for out-of-town patients and their families
    to be close to the hospital

Blood Donor Program

...directed donations for a specific patient’s needs
...Jewish community blood drive

Transportation medical appointments meet a patient or family member at the airport shopping
...or as needed

Medical Liaison help answer general questions which arise
    during hospitalization provide an interpreter for communication with
    care providers assist patients with insurance issues

Chaplaincy Services meet with Rabbi of his/her religious orientation

Synagogue Coordinators

East Denver Orthodox Synagogue (EDOS)
Agi Fried      (303) 321-0413
Leah Mehler (303) 333-1017

Southeast Denver

Simmy Wagner (303) 321-1085

Congregation Zera Abraham

Ruth Krausz (303) 893-3228
Adina Beren (303) 825-2846

Blood Donation Coordinator
Sue Hochstadt (303) 377-5596

Bikur Cholim Apartment Coordinator
Agi Fried (303) 321-0413

Remember to Donate Blood
  • Giving begrudgingly
  • Giving less that you should, but giving it cheerfully.
  • Giving after being asked
  • Giving before being asked
  • Giving when you do not know the recipient's identity, but the recipient knows your identity
  • Giving when you know the recipient's identity, but the recipient doesn't know your identity
  • Giving when neither party knows the other's identity
  • Enabling the recipient to become self-reliant
  • Giving Until the World become a better place.
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Ostensibly, you haven't "done" anything. But in essence, a most profound and radical transformation has taken place. The person has become a vessel for G-dliness. Of course, the purpose of a vessel is that it be filled with content; the purpose of a home is that it be inhabited. The Sanctuary was built to house the presence of G-d. But it is the making of vessels for G-dliness that is life's greatest challenge and its most revolutionary achievement. Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe