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A Home For G-d What does it mean to make our world a home for G-d? A basic tenet of our faith is that "the entire world is filled with His presence" and "there is no place void of Him." So it's not that we have to bring G-d into the material world -- He is already there. But G-d can be in the world without being at home in it.  Being "at home" means being in a place that is receptive to your presence, a place devoted to serving your needs and desires. It means being in a place where you are your true, private self, as opposed to the public self you assume in other environments.
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Jewish Education


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Jewish Schools - Denver Directory
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Bais Yaakov ~ Beth Jacob High
School of Denver
5100 W. 14th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 893-1333
FAX (303) 573-4932
The school was founded in 1968 and has graduated 26 graduating classes.

Jewish Books- Rabbi Shimon Schwab

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Orthodox girls high school, west Denver;  Myer J. Schwab, dean; Bruria Schwab, religious studies principal; Esther Melamed, general studies principal. Alan Grossman, president
Directions: Orthodox Girls School
Beth Jacob High School of Denver is an intensive Jewish girls high school serving 9th through 12th grade. Upon graduation, most of Beth Jacob's students go on to Hebrew teachers seminaries in Israel and the United States, after which many take college courses preparing them for various vocations. The school is housed in new and modern facilities, utilizing state of the art computers and a fully accredited general secular program. The school accommodates both local and out of town students. Out of town students are housed in a dorm campus supervised by a number of experienced and competent educators.

Tuition at the school range from: Call school for more information

The Main Institutions of Jewish Law by Rabbi Dr. Isaac Herzog

Artscroll Jewish Books


Jewish Books

Madera Menorah

Jewish Ritual Ware
Atarahs, Black Hats, Gartels, Kippot, Kittels, Mezuzot
and Mezuzot cases, Shofars, Tefillin, Tallits and Bags,
Tallit Clips, and Yads



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