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Mikvah History - Mikvah of East Denver

1990 [14 years ago] began the planning to build a mikvah on the east side of Denver.

MoED is seven years old, opening just before Rosh HaShanah 5758/1998.

Shortly after Rabbi Mordechai Twerski moved from the west of Denver - to the east side, a committee was formed to start to build a mikvah to serve the east side Jewish Community. Rabbi Hoffman and Ted Brandt, started the fund raising, one of the goals was also to have mikvah for the men to use on a daily basis.

In the planning stages, it was discussed - would a 2nd mikvah in Denver hurt the mikvah on the west side, it was decided that if one person benefited from the new mikvah it was worth building.

Half of the budget to run the mikvah comes from fees and the rest comes from fund raising programs.  It cost approx $46,000 a year to maintain and operate the mikvah.

The mikvah water is heated and filtered, there is no chlorine or bromine, the water is purified by irradiation and hydrogen peroxide.

Today the mikvah is made up of a rabbinic council made up of three Orthodox Rabbis, Rabbi Daniel Alter, Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, and Rabbi Yaakov Meyer.

Feb 1, 2007