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Kosher Food and Wine in Denver?

East Side Kosher Deli  - grocery, butcher shop, restaurant, and caterer; Michael and Marcy Schreiber; 499 S. Elm St, Denver, CO 80246; .

(303) 322-9862;
FAX (303) 321-3290

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Kosher Denver


Kosher Restaurants and Kosher Food in the Metro - Denver Area
For informational purposes only
Consult your Rabbi concerning Kashrus - MileChai and JewishCooking.Org make NO claim to the reliability of Kashrus standard of businesses or restaurants listed.

Accommodations for the Kosher Traveler: Hotels
Arctic Pacific Fisheries
3910 West Colfax
303-534-4772 or 800-779-3212 fax: 303-573-0738
Auerbach's Kosher Foods:  kosher products and producer of kosher beef, lamb and veal products: Jeff Auerbach 4810 Newport St., Commerce City, CO 80022; (303) 289-4521
Bagel Store - Breads and Pastries (Pas Yisroel, Parve) certified by the Scroll K
942 South Monaco 303-388-2648
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream 799 S. University Blvd. Denver, CO 80209
(cholov stam: the only items that are kosher are on letter of certification in store)
East Side Kosher Deli and Kosher Restaurant:  

Also grocery, butcher shop, restaurant, and caterer; Michael and Marcy Schreiber; 499 S. Elm St, Denver, CO 80246

(303) 322-9862;
FAX (303) 321-3290.

JPAD Discount Liquors
open 10 am to 12 am midnight
560 South Holly Street Denver, CO 80246
Kosher Wine - Has a selection of Kosher wines and Beer, willing to take special orders and customer requests more kosher wines arriving daily...intends to have the largest selection of kosher wines in this area of town.

Jewish Cooking
Kosher Caterers - Directory
King Sooper Stores :Bakery items with the Scroll K symbol only: breads are parve, pastries are dairy (cholov stam) or made on dairy equipment (DE). West: 1725 Sheridan Blvd. 303 237-4988 East: Leetsdale & Monaco 303 333-1535 South East: Glendale

Kosher Bakery

Pete's Pizza (Kosher) 5600 E Cedar Av DENVER,  CO 80224 - 1010
(303) 355-5777.  Pizza is good.

Cholov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel Pizza
The Bagel Deli & Restaurant [Consult your Rabbi]
6439 E Hampden Av DENVER,  CO (303) 756-6667
Tomchei Shabbos Provides kosher food for Shabbos and Jewish holidays to needy Jews 303 - 355-7173
Chabad  Kosher Symbols
Kosher Cooking Denver
Kosher Food in Aspen, Colorado

Contact Chabad of Aspen Rabbi Mintz (970 544 3770)

Kosher Food in Boulder, Colorado

Contact Chabad of Boulder for more information : Rabbi Pesach Scheiner
4900 Sioux Drive Boulder, CO 80303 USA
Phone: 303-494-1638 Fax: 253-423-2404

Kosher Food in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kosher Coop Colorado Springs - Consider joining our kosher coop! The coop is comprised of a small number of local families who purchase kosher meat and kosher products together several times during the year, often several weeks before the Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Passover, etc. We place a group order for our products through a distributor in Denver; the coop coordinator picks up the entire order in Denver, then each family picks up their order here in Colorado Springs. For more information, contact Elayna Rathmann at or

Kosher Agencies located in Colorado
TRI Sulom - Talmudic Research Institute
Rabbi Mordecai Twerski continues as rav ha-machshir of the agency.
Dovi Heller, Kosher Administrator for Colorado -- 303.377.1192

Available for Kashrus supervision upon request for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, and Catered Events.

Supervising Agency for:
Allied Apartments in Cherry Creek, Grand Hyatt Denver Downtown.

Vaad Hakashrus of DenverScroll K Vaad HaKashrus of Denver 1350 Vrain Street, Denver, Co 80246

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Disclaimer:  Aharon's Books and Judaica - MileChai and make no claim to the reliability of Kashrus standards of any businesses or restaurants listed.  We believe all information to be in the public domain and covered by "fair use".  This web site is to be used for informational purposes only - Consult your Rabbi concerning Kashrus.

We do not represent or work for, nor do we speak for, or give advice on kashrus, or receive any monies from any of the restaurants or businesses listed.

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