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A Home For G-d What does it mean to make our world a home for G-d? A basic tenet of our faith is that "the entire world is filled with His presence" and "there is no place void of Him." So it's not that we have to bring G-d into the material world -- He is already there. But G-d can be in the world without being at home in it.  Being "at home" means being in a place that is receptive to your presence, a place devoted to serving your needs and desires. It means being in a place where you are your true, private self, as opposed to the public self you assume in other environments.
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Camp Gan Israel -- 400 S. Holly St. Denver, CO 80246 Rabbi Engel 303-329-0213

Camp Gan Israel -- Westminster, Colorado - Rabbi Benjy Brackman
303 429-5177

Camp Gan Israel -- 4000 San Pedro Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87110 USA
Phone: 505-880-1181 Fax: 505-880-9722
Rabbi Chaim Schmukler

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