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Looking for a Job in Colorado and been turned down because you are Jewish?

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Colorado - Discrimination in the work place

Headline News:
Can you work Saturday?

You apply for part or full-time work - and the job interviewer asks , "can you work on Saturday?" It is an innocent question... but when the job applicant says, "No, I can't... I'm Jewish..." and then the interviewer says, "sorry we can't use you..." 

Is it simply a case of an employer needing someone to work on Saturday or is it discrimination in the work place....

We believe that every employer has the right to hire people to work - on any day they chose, but sometimes it crosses the line... and it is discrimination in the work place....

Has this happened to you?

Have a story?  Email us....


Colorado Blue Laws

The blue laws are a vestige of the legal imposition of religion. Puritan colonists first imposed blue laws in the 17th Century, and blue laws in Texas banned Sunday sales of pots, pans and washing machines. Houghton Mifflin describes "Sunday restriction on such activities as retail sales, general labor, liquor sales, boxing, hunting, or barbering, as well as polo, cockfighting, or clam digging." Some suggests the blue laws were inspired by Constantine's directive of 321 A.D. restricting work on Sunday.

Today in Colorado you can buy a Car on Sunday

Statute 12-6-302 begins: "No person, firm, or corporation, whether owner, proprietor, agent, or employee, shall keep open, operate, or assist in keeping open or operating any place or premises or residences, whether open or closed, for the purpose of selling, bartering, or exchanging or offering for sale, barter, or exchange any motor vehicle, whether new, used, or secondhand, on the first day of the week commonly called Sunday."

Liquor have to be close on Sundays.  Colorado Law says deserve a "day of rest". 

Why not store clerks, restaurant employees, and the millions of others jobs in Colorado?  To hell with them, let them work on Sunday and buy their liquor on Saturday.

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