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Jewish Children's Adoption Network ~ P.O. Box 147016 Denver CO 80214-7016
phone: 303-573-8113 e-mail address:

Our 15th Anniversary: It is amazing to us to realize that the JCAN has been around 15 years. 

18 years ago we would not guessed that we would be adoptive parents to three children (in addition to our 3 biological children), nor that we would star an organization that would fill such a crucial need in the Jewish community.  After adopting our daughter Elisheva, we heard of many cases of Jewish children who were unable to find appropriated adoptive families.  In some cases they were abandoned in hospitals.  In others,  whether placed voluntarily or following a termination of parental rights, their social worker just didn't know how to go about finding a Jewish home for a Jewish child.  We tried to get a number of Jewish organizations involved when we realized that there were many Jewish families interested in adoption but that there was no way to match them to the Jewish children in need of homes.  But, none of the organizations we reached was interested (since most of the children we deal with have special needs, this is not a money-making presupposition, as we can testify), so we decided that we had do it ourselves.  And so, we incorporated the JCAN in June 1990 and, 15 years later, having found homes for over 1500 children, with very little money, we are proud to still be here!

  We do want to thank all those who helped us get started: the members of our Board of Directors, including Don Jacobson, Esq., Janice Fellner and Dr Albert Sutton; also Dixie Davis, of The Adoption Exchange (then known as the Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange) Bev Moore of AASK, who gave us invaluable advice on how to make an adoption exchange work, and Stanely Kamlet with the Endowment Fund of the Allied Jewish Federation who sent both financial and emotional support our way.  And there been so many other, too many to mention, all the birth families who entrusted us with their children and the adoptive families who made themselves available for those children.
We, of course, want to thank all the many donors, both individuals and organizations, who have supported us financially through the years.  We have also been blessed by number of anonymous donors: cash or money order in the mail; anonymous donation through a foundation; money in pushkas (charity boxes) at local Jewish stores - literally hundreds of dollars!

We did also want to take this opportunity to reiterate what we do:

We attempt to help families in crisis avoid abortion or adoptive placement if they would prefer to parent their child;  we often can offer some emotional support or medical information, or can direct families to appropriate resources that can offer them assistance.

Then, if after the assistance we have offered they are still interested in considering an adoptive placement, we can provide information and advice about how to proceed, and we can help located potential adoptive families.

We offer advice and information to families interested in adoption about options available in adoption.  We offer able to help them make decisions about how to pursue their goals in adoption.

And, we collect information from families interested in adoption so that we know whom to call (and whom not to call) for those children in need of adoptive placement.

It must be stressed that our goal at the Jewish Children's Adoption Network is not to find babies (or children) for families interested in adoption.  That is simply a corollary of our goal of making sure that there are potential families for the children that are referred to us.  In other words, our concern is with finding homes for children; the adoptive families are the resource we use that enables us to do that.  As a side-effect, if you will, of finding homes for Jewish children, we have found children for 1500 families over the past 15 years!

Stephen Krausz: Steve and his wife, Vicki, have six children, 3 birth children and three adopted; two of the adopted children have Down syndrome, while the third has a family history of mental illness. As a result of the adoption of their first child in 1987, the Krauszs formed The Jewish Children's Adoption Network, a national adoption exchange that finds homes for about 100 children a year (90+% with special needs). Dr. Krausz, who has a Ph.D. in Physiology.

Read more about JCAN and Adoption

JCAN is a A non-profit organization dedicated to providing a national clearinghouse so that Jewish children in need of foster homes or adoption can find families who will preserve their Jewish identity. Primarily special needs.

The use of the following words "We and Us" refers to Jewish Children's Adoption Network and NOT to Mile Chai or Aharon's Books


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